Learning In The Coffee Shop

Working from a coffee shop in Flagstaff, AZ. I brought Ava with me so she could do her school work without interrupting siblings around. To get some better light, she occupied a table on the other side of the room from me. I just looked over and she’s not doing her work …

… instead, she’s intently listening to (eavesdropping on) a conversation at the table next to her. Two female business owners are discussing local politics and how a raise to the minimum wage would affect them.

Math is good – and she’s learning it well – but what I love about our setup is all the ways Ava learns new things she would never learn in traditional schooling at her age. For however long we are on the road, and however long we homeschool, I’m incredibly grateful for the chance to expose her to new ideas and new ways to learn. ‪#‎roadschool‬

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