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I met Josh Solar a few years ago while at a backyard cookout at my pal Gary’s house in San Diego. There were a lot of similarities between our families (including both having a first-born daughter named “Ava”). Their family was in the middle of a summer-long road trip from their Kansas City home. They told exciting stories of their adventures and I’ll always count Josh and Jenny Solar as having an influence on us deciding to hit the road full-time.


The Long and Short Of It

It’s easy to look back on seasons of your life and wish you had done things differently. We learned a lot owning our first “home on wheels”, but it’s time to upgrade … to something half as big.


Washington 2015

After spending a few weeks in Canada, it was nice to make it back to the lower 48 (and to the land of cheaper data and text messaging).


Canada 2015

Following our time in Montana, we were thrilled to take our kids on their first trip out of the U.S. My sister and her family live just outside of Calgary, but we’ve never visited them yet. So we pointed the truck North and crossed the border into Alberta.


Montana 2015

After a good chunk of time in Wyoming – which feature both Grand Tetons and Wyoming national parks – the bar was set pretty high for Montana. I knew we’d only be seeing the western part of the state on this trip, but I had high hopes of continuing the amazing landscapes we’d come to admire in Wyoming.


Wyoming 2015

After a cold and rainy April in Colorado, Springtime finally caught up to us in Wyoming. Despite Colorado being one of my favorite states, our time there was hard. Cold, wet, and cramped, there were a few days Erin and I looked at each other and didn’t know if the other person was going to make it on the road.


May in Colorado

We last left you as we were camping near Northern New Mexico. After a great week there, we made our way into Southern Colorado. We spent one night in Alamosa to dump the tanks and do some laundry (and get a hot shower). We then headed North East for another few days of dry camping at Zapata Falls Campground.


Catching Up

Let’s catch you up on the last few weeks…

  • We left OKC on March 28th an drove to Western Oklahoma (Sayre).
  • Then to Amarillo, TX. While not the prettiest of towns, it allowed us time to complete our change of residency to Texas by getting our driver’s licenses.
  • We got out first “down time” by camping in Eastern New Mexico in Santa Rosa. The State Park was beautiful and it was a welcome change from cramped RV parks.
  • Albuquerque was next. It was great to see our friends at one of the newer campuses in Rio Rancho, NM. The museums downtown were great, but we found ourselves over-extending ourselves too much and getting stressed out.
  • Santa Fe was a bit more our pace. But once again, we tried to do too much and found ourselves frustrated by cranky kids and crowded RV parks.
  • Taos, NM was awesome. And cold. And windy. But awesome. We stayed at a small RV park with only a few other trailers. We finally got into a bit of a work/life rhythm between myself, Erin, and the kids. We did less and began to really enjoy our time together.

…but we needed to get out of town. RV parks are fine (running water and electricity are great!), but I really wanted us to try our hand at “dry camping” (or boondocking) – no hookups, and preferably on some public lands. We’re still dealing with the financial burden of selling our house (delays, termites, etc), so the idea of staying somewhere for free sounded especially nice. :)


A Week of Firsts

What a wild 1st week of this adventure. It truly was a week of firsts. Here are a few.


Coming Soon: Life On the Road

Well, it’s official: we’ll be hitting the road full-time around March 28th.  Last we posted, it was still a dream, but a lot has happened in the last few months. 

Last summer, we stated learning about families that had decided suburbia wasn’t for them and were traveling the U.S. full-time with their families. This seemed like a great fit for our family. We had also become disenchanted with the idea of the typical American dream and decided not to fight our wanderlust any longer.


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