How Did We Get Here [Lyrics]

It was kind of a nightmare
I was overcome
With the thought of you upstairs
In the nude and numb


Do It Again [Lyrics]

I found myself
On the outside, looking in
Cut off from you
For the choices, I was making


Better [Lyrics]

I remember when, holding you, in my arms
The world was so different
I thought I knew what love was all, about
That disappeared in an instant


Part of Me [Lyrics]

Here comes a part of me that you never knew
A part of my heart that you thought that you could see through
I gave all I could but it wasn’t enough for you
So here comes a part of me that you never knew


Take a Little Time [Lyrics]

Calm me down


Experiencing god

I was asked to share something at church this morning. The prompt was: “What was a moment/time/situation that you remember experiencing God’s involvement in your life?”


Questions and Campfires

I’ve been toying around with the idea of documenting the time we spent while living on the road. It was an incredibly formative time for Erin and I and it’s something I want to archive in some meaningful way. So at the prompting of a few author friends, I’ve started to piece together a story about our travels and the faith transition I went through during this time. Here’s the introduction I wrote for the book last month.


The Continuation of Shame

It still amazes me how much shame was programmed into me as a young Christian.


How Teams Grow, Thrive, and Fail

As your team or business grows, things change – they have to! A $10 billion business cannot operate the same as a 1-2 person startup. And since no businesses start at that scale, it’s important to understand what helps a team grow without breaking. How can your team continue to innovate, take on new customers, provide quality service, and maintain a healthy work/life balance for your staff?


How Not To Squash Your Team With Red Tape

One of the common tenets of growth theories is that companies require process and structure as they grow. And if they’re lucky, they’ll be around long enough to reach a critical tipping point where too much structure will begin to squash innovation. It’s easy to find examples of companies that have crossed this threshold — they’re slow, bureaucratic, behemoths. How did they get there? At some point in time, someone decided they needed a new process or policy without considering the cost.


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