Conference Speaking

"Type Talk At Work" - Elevate CX Conference, Denver

"How Teams Grow, Thrive, and Fail" - Support Driven Expo, Portland

"High Performance Teams" - Code On The Beach (Jacksonville, FL)

"Facepalm to Foolproof" - RailsConf (Kansas City, MO)

Podcast Appearances

The Support Helpdesk - Making the Most of 1:1s

jmccartie ยท Support - Helpdesk August - 2019

"Scratching the Need to Change Something Itch" - Discovering Dad Podcast

Elevate Support Podcast

Colin and Sarah riff a bit on why you shouldn't sneak up on your customers with goofy child-like updates, then they're joined by Heroku's Senior Manager of Technical Support, the one and only Jon McCartie. Jon has a lot of experience building sustainable remote teams and he'll be speaking more about what makes teams grow, thrive, or fail at our spring support summit in Philadelphia!

Hi there, I'm Jon.

Writer. Musician. Adventurer. Nerd.

Purveyor of GIFs and dad jokes.