Heroku National Park Name Generator

In the past, the Heroku API has done some fun stuff on certain holidays. Whenever you run heroku create to make a new app, the API usually generates a random name for your app. But on these holidays (like Halloween), we’ve changed up the API to return some fun names specific to the day.

In celebtration of the National Park Service’s 100th anniversary, the Heroku API did something special on July 4th (American Independence Day) this year. Whenever you ran heroku create, we populated your app’s name with National Park names.

Well, July 4th has come and gone, but the National Park centenenial continues! So here’s a quick script for you to run locally whenever you want to add a new app. Just download and run ruby script.rb and it’ll create a new Heroku app for you.

NATIONAL_PARK_ADJECTIVES = %w[rugged beautiful scenic peaceful pristine majestic
  tranquil historic serene lovely dazzling alluring marvelous stunning gorgeous]

NATIONAL_PARK_NOUNS = %w[acadia arches badlands big-bend biscayne
  gunnison bryce-canyon canyonlands capitol-reef carlsbad-caverns
  channel-islands congaree crater-lake cuyahoga-valley death-valley
  denali-preserve dry-tortugas everglades gates-of-the-arctic glacier-bay
  glacier grand-canyon grand-teton great-basin great-sand-dunes
  great-smoky-mountains guadalupe-mountains haleakala hawaii-volcanoes
  hot-springs isle-royale joshua-tree kenai-fjords kings-canyon kobuk-valley
  lake-clark lassen-volcanic mammoth-cave mesa-verde mount-rainier north-cascades
  olympic petrified-forest redwood rocky-mountain saguaro sequoia shenandoah
  theodore-roosevelt virgin-islands voyageurs wind-cave yellowstone yosemite zion]

system `heroku create "#{NATIONAL_PARK_ADJECTIVES.sample}-#{NATIONAL_PARK_NOUNS.sample}-#{rand(10000..99999)}"`

A few sample names:



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