Rails 5.1: Default Primary Keys


Token-Based API Authentication

A friend recently came to me wondering how he could add token-based authentication to his API.


Rails and Slack: Creating a Slash Command App

Back in my Campfire days, I remember being blown away when Github released Hubot. Our team tinkered around with our install for days – hoping to make Hubot do our bidding. It was a great little tool (and still is!), but I’ve recently fallen in love with Slack’s “Slash Commands”. They’re a handy way to send commands to a service and get a response. And the best part? You can write one in Ruby!


Added "not_in?" to Rails

UPDATE: DHH yanked this patch. Ah well. Open source giveth, and open source taketh away. I sure wish we could restart this discussion and get this change made, but I’ll probably pass on fighting over this one.


Heroku National Park Name Generator

In the past, the Heroku API has done some fun stuff on certain holidays. Whenever you run heroku create to make a new app, the API usually generates a random name for your app. But on these holidays (like Halloween), we’ve changed up the API to return some fun names specific to the day.


Letting Users Add Custom Domains On Heroku

Consider the following use case: you’d like to run a blogging service on Heroku that allows users to sign up and bring their own custom domain. We’ll call your new idea “Me-dium” (that’s probably not taken).


Copy Heroku Database To Local

I’ve had a few Heroku projects where it’s been really nice to copy production data to my local database for development. Obviously, there are a few security concerns with this method (make sure the data in your project should be on your local machine – don’t do this if you’ve got any sensitive data!).


Modify Your Ruby App's DNS Lookup

We recently had a Heroku support ticket where a user needed to modify their DNS lookup inside their app:


Rails' Tagged Logging + Heroku Dyno Metadata

Rails added “tagged logging” awhile back, but it’s never seemed like a particularly useful thing to me. I care far more about the log output than a request ID or other data.But the more and more I debug odd edge-cases in other people’s Rails apps, the more I see the need the potential benefits.


Measure, Release, Measure Again

In the world of product development, there is far too little mentioned about the need and use of data in decision making. We’re easily pleased with ideas that seem logical to us, but may be terrible for the users of our product. We add new features, but we never check to see if the investment we made (in resources and hours spent) have actually paid off.


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